Course 1: Rubber Technology - From Knowledge to Application

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Course Length: 16 hours with practical demonstrations
LOCAL: SENAI Institute for Innovation in Polymer Engineering (Ex CETEPO), in São Leopoldo. In addition to participating in the Course you will have the opportunity to know one of the most important Polymers Centers in Latin America to carry out analyzes and develop projects.
The seminar is designed to provide a better understanding of the most important steps in the manufacture of rubber artifacts. The course is intended for professionals who already have knowledge in the field and who wish to deepen their knowledge in the complex interaction of the material in the processing stages ranging from mixing, extrusion, conformation, vulcanization, product performance testing, and precise knowledge of laboratory tests adequate to the characterization of the raw materials and the products aiming at a good understanding of the processes and phenomena that are occurring and in this way make possible diagnoses of problems. To reach this objective, the Pre-journey must apply new concepts: practical strategies will be presented which will be based on the theoretical concepts and foundations capable of validating and justifying said strategies.
The course will provide detailed processing information as well as up-to-date approaches to resources that can be applied to achieve certain properties in rubber compounds. However, an important focus of the course is to provide practical guidelines applicable in the production line for optimizing the performance and quality of rubber vulcanizates.
Thus, the main objective of the course will be to provide the participants with elements to face the day-to-day of a rubber factory, as a useful platform for making daily decisions, aiming at achieving the highest levels of quality in the respective processes .
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