COURSE II - Rubber: A Material with Special Properties Expand your knowledge about it

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The Rubber: A Material with Special Properties Broaden your knowledge on the same hours with practical demonstrations
This course aims to give a comprehensiveness with regard to rubber itself, from its chemical composition, synthesis, properties that distinguish rubber from plastics and fibers, suitable techniques for the characterization of the raw material and the compounds, thermal properties, dynamic -mechanics, shelf life, mechanisms and degradation processes. The objective is to review, deepen and interconnect theoretical and practical knowledge.

LOCAL: SENAI Institute for Innovation in Polymer Engineering (Ex CETEPO), in São Leopoldo. In addition to participating in the Course you will have the opportunity to know one of the most important Polymers Centers in Latin America to carry out analyzes and develop projects.

MINISTRY: 05 different specialists in Polymers and in Rubber Technology. Profa.Dra. Marly Maldaner Jacobi. , Prof. Dr. César Liberato Petzhold, Dr. Winfried Kuhn, Dr. Jens Meyer, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Giese. - Professors - Researchers from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and researchers from one of the most respected Institutes worldwide, the German Institute of Rubber Technology (Deutsches Institut Für Kautschuktechnologie de Hannover, Germany.

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